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diatonic words

A special case of conversion which preserves the sounds, but changes the stress.



A new word based on a name.


free morpheme

A morpheme that can function as a word by itself.

functional word classes

The parts of speech that are relatively low in meaning (preposition, conjunction, article, interjection, pronoun).



An inflected form of a noun that marks the noun as being masculine, feminine or neuter.

gradable adjectifs/ adverbs

Adjectifs and adverbs that have three forms that contrast on the dimension of comparison.

grammatical homonyms

Lexical items that are identical in form, but belong to different parts of speech.


imperative mood

A verbal category that expresses the speaker's will as a command or a request.

indicative mood

A verbal category that represents an event as a real fact.

inflectional suffix

A suffix that is used to create another form of the same word. Its presence is determined by the grammatical context.

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